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FAQs about Future Global Vision Compensation Plan

I'm new to this kind of marketing, what actions must I take to be compensated by Future Global Vision?

After you purchase your business center and receive your Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible EF-TABS™ Pack. Next you ask people to try the product.

Use these questions:

How would like to save some money on your next tank of gas?

When they say, "Yes", then just say, "Here is this brochure with a code. Visit the website and get some free samples of this new fuel technology. See if you can get as much savings as I did on your next 2 tanks of gas.

Once they try it they will want more. When they ask, "Where do I get these?" then you tell them, "On the internet, here is the website" and give them the Future Global Vision brochure. Let the product do the work for you ... these amazing EF-TABS™ will bring the people to you!

If they ask, "How much do they cost?" you can say, "You can buy them at retail, getting a one month's supply at a time, or you can get them at a discount by being a Preferred Customer. That's where you have them sent directly to you automatically every month. Or, you can do like I do, get them at wholesale and earn some extra money. Which do you prefer?"

You want to refer people to the product and to your website. Your goal is to get three personally referred distributors in your sales team. Now your career has started and you will start to earn various commissions and bonuses. There is no time limit on personally referred retailers. Take as long as you need. The key is to give out the product so people can try them. When they try them, they will want them!

How do I earn commissions and bonuses and when are they paid?

At Future Global Vision there are 6 ways our Independent Distributors can be compensated

  1. Retail Profits -- buy at wholesale and sell at retail (60% profit without the overhead of a store front or warehouse). $69.95 wholesale price / $112 retail price. Retail sales are paid at the time of the sale or if the sale is made online, the profits are paid weekly.
  2. Preferred Customer Profits -- PCs purchase on autoship for at least 3 months at a 23% discount, saving $14.95 per order ($50.00 MINIMUM ORDER / EF-TABS™ BASIC PACK = 5 Single packs). Associates receive a profit of 40% ($20.00). The Retail sales CV (commissionable volume) are calculated at 40% of the actual gross retail sales 20 CV for each one month packet (instead of the normal 30CV). Profits are paid weekly.
  3. Fast Start Bonuses -- Fast Start Bonuses are paid weekly. Anyone who joins Future Global Vision from the least ($49.95 “Membership” and website only, no product purchase necessary) to the greatest ($49.95 "Membership" + $599.95 "Product Purchase") can generate fast start commission for every personal enrollment from ($50 - $100) pays to the Independent Distributor who referred the new person to the Future Global Vision program. Fast Start Bonus amount is paid according to ranking in the compensation plan. Fast Start are paid out only when a person joins as a Distributor Rank ($49.95 Website +$299.95 product purchase). *Associates ($49.95 Website) and Sales Associate ($49.95 website +69.95 product purchase) only get paid 50% of the fast start bonus paid out. Website, Online Store, Back Office, Tracking System and Landing Pages are not Commissionable** (55CV) out of the $69.95 product purchase will be applied to the Unlimited Mentor Bonus*
  4. Team Sales Commissions -- Team Sales Commissions pays 43% of the CV in 10 tier Uni- level. Team Sales Commissions are paid MONTHLY and has no cap. This Uni-level structure has Roll Up and Dynamic Compression System. It makes sure that the distributors are getting paid on every level, every time. Levels are paid according to rank.
  5. 2% Elite Power Bonus Pool -- To participate in the 2% Elite Power Pool you must first reach one of the Elite's Ranks. (National Executive, Continental, Master Executive) The 2% percent comes out of the actual gross sales of every new member first 30 days purchase that joins as a Distributor with the $299.95 Freedom Pack or $599.95. ALL Bonus Pools are calculated and paid every three months according the USA calendar year. The qualifying rank must be achieved at least 30 days before the calculation of the Bonus Pool.
  6. 5 % Global Bonus Pool -- Here all distributors who have reached the level of Regional Executive or above can receive a part of the company's gross commissionable volume sales worldwide. It is like profit sharing without being an employee. Two percent (2%) of WCV worldwide is paid back based on shares: Regional Executive takes participation on the Regional Executive 2% bonus pool and distributors at the National Executive level can participate in the shares of the 3%. National Executive also participates from the previous 2% Bonus Pool for a full 5% of the WCVGS (Worldwide Commissionable Volume Gross Sales). ALL Bonus Pools are calculated and paid every three months according the USA calendar year. The qualifying rank must be achieved at least 30 days before the calculation of the Bonus Pool. (2% and the 3% of total WCV divided by total number of distributors that achieved the Regional and above mentorship level.) This bonus is paid quarterly.

What is the $49.95 Annual Membership?

Yes! This may be the best value for $49.95 you'll ever get. This provides you with your licensing permit from Future Global Vision to represent the company and the products in every country the company is operating, as well as, a fully functional, completely designed replicated website where you can do business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide. This is your virtual storefront to showcase your products. It's also your cashier, your merchant account in order to process all the different types of credit cards for payment, your accountant and your warehouse. Also, you will get a replicated landing page with a limited free sampling program that will assist you in acquiring new customers as well as new business associates to join your team. With $49.95 you sign up as an Associate. As an Associate you can buy at wholesale prices and sell at retail. An Associate does not participate in the compensation plan until an upgrade has been purchased of $49.95 EF-TABS™ Pack.

What are the advantages of the Freedom and Executive Pack?

If you are serious about building a business, you'll want to have enough of the products on hand. The Freedom and the Executive Pack qualifies a member to participate in all the benefits, the compensation plan has to offer, giving you an opportunity to leverage on other people’s efforts in order to get paid commissions (based on their efforts not yours). The Freedom Business Pack ($299) carries a retail value of $600. That's a $300 value for free! The Executive Business Pack ($599) carries a retail value of $1,200. That’s a $600 value for free!

If a person purchase a membership along with a Freedom Pack they are qualified to participate on the entire compensation plan of FGV, however if the member wants to get compensated at the Executive Business level they need to do an upgrade. In order to upgrade the independent distributor must purchase a additional Freedom Pack. Once this is done the system will do the qualification automatically.

How does the Preferred Customer program work?

Some people will love the products, want to get them regularly, preferably at a discount and yet they may not want to become an Independent Distributor at this time. These are ideal candidates to become a Preferred Customer. When they go online to purchase from your website, the computer will offer them the opportunity to become a Preferred Customer so they can get the products shipped directly to them regularly at a discount.

They receive a 23% ($14.95) discount and you receive a retail sales commission ($20.00). This is Future Global Vision's way of encouraging the distributors to attract and sign up Preferred Customers. Because of the aggressive commission paid on Preferred Customer purchases, the CV is 40% (20CV) of the retail sale, normal for each one-month ($50.00) packet. A Preferred Costumer is one who commits at least 3 autoship purchases. In this way the Preferred Costumer will not only have the benefit of picking the exact date and time of their future purchases they also get them at a great discount.

Preferred Customers do not take a position on a sales team (compensation structure). If at a later time they wish to become a independent distributor, they can purchase a business center and an initial inventory pack at which time they will be placed in the pay structure just like any other new independent member.

Download Future Global Vison Inc. Membership Application HERE