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Welcome to Future Global Vision! This company can very well be your vehicle for financial freedom and a lifetime of satisfaction by helping others. In addition to using and sharing high-quality eco-friendly green fuel technology products, the Future Global Vision Team Compensation Plan provides a logical and a highly rewarding pathway to a better financial future. It rewards your personal efforts and allows you to leverage your time while helping others achieve their success. The plan is most generous and provides a substantial income earning potential.

The Vision For a Better Future...Start Today!


To become an Associate, submit an Independent Associate Application or complete an online enrollment form. The purchase of a $49.95 Associate support system is required with your initial application or online enrollment.


As an FGV Independent Associate you will receive an Associate Support System that includes your own personalized Associate Website and Associate Back Office. To retain your Support System after one year, simply renew your Associate membership ($35.00).


Special value Product Introduction Business Packs can assist a new Associate in getting the fastest possible exposure to Future Global Vision revolutionary green fuel technology products. While there is no product purchase required to be an Associate, your business will probably grow and duplicate a lot faster if you’re a satisfied product user and have product on hand to share with others. We recommend that you choose one of the Future Global Vision Introduction Business Packs that best suit the goals and needs for your business.

There are 4 to choose from:

The Family Pack $69.95 (Retail Value of $140)
The Freedom Pack $299.95 (Retail Value of $600)
The Executive Pack $599.95 (Retail Value of $1,200)
The Presidencial Pack $1,199.95 (Retail Value of $2,400)


As an Associate and as an Sales Associate you can order products at wholesale cost directly from Future Global Vision and resell to your customers at retail. This enables you to earn up to 60 percent profit on product sold from your inventory.


Associate and Sales Associate can also allow Customers to order products directly from the company through your Associate Website and earn Retail Direct Profits. This profit is calculated and paid to you weekly by subtracting the wholesale price from the Suggested Retail Price. The Commissionable Volume (CV) from any Retail Direct Sales OF 55CV or more is treated as Personal Volume (PV).

(Must be have the Rank of Distributor to enjoy the full membership benefits below)

7 Ways To Make A Fortune

At Future Global Vision there are 7 ways our Independent Distributors can be compensated:

  1. Retail Profits -- buy at wholesale and sell at retail (60% profit without the overhead of a store front or warehouse). $69.95 wholesale price / $140 retail price. Retail sales are paid at the time of the sale or if the sale is made online, the profits are paid weekly.
  2. Preferred Customer Profits -- PCs purchase on autoship for at least 3 months at a 23% discount, saving $14.95 per order ($50.00 MINIMUM ORDER / EF-TABS™ BASIC PACK = 5 Single packs). Associates receive a profit of 40% ($20.00). The Retail sales CV (commissionable volume) are calculated at 40% of the actual gross retail sales 20 CV for each one month packet (instead of the normal 30CV). Profits are paid weekly.

  3. Fast Start Bonuses/ Unlimited Mentor’s Bonus -- Fast Start Bonuses are paid weekly. Anyone who joins Future Global Vision from the least ($49.95 “Membership” and website only, no product purchase necessary) to the greatest ($49.95”Membership” + $599.95 “Product Purchase”) can generate fast start commission for every personal enrollment from ($50 - $100) pays to the Independent Distributor who referred the new person to the Future Global Vision program. Fast Start Bonus amount is paid according to ranking in the compensation plan. Fast Start are paid out only when a person joins as a Distributor Rank ($49.95 Website +$299.95 product purchase). *Associates ($49.95 Website) and Sales Associate ($49.95 website +69.95 product purchase) only get paid 50% of the fast start bonus paid out. Website, Online Store, Back Office, Tracking System and Landing Pages are not Commissionable** (55CV) out of the $69.95 product purchase will be applied to the Unlimited Mentor Bonus**Unlimited Fast Start*Paid Monthly*

  4. Team Sales Commissions -- Team Sales Commissions pays 43% of the CV in 10 tier Uni- level. Team Sales Commissions are paid MONTHLY and has no cap. This Uni-level structure has Roll Up and Dynamic Compression System. It makes sure that the distributors are getting paid on every level, every time. Levels are paid according to rank.

  5. 2% Elite Power Bonus Pool -- To participate in the 2% Elite Power Pool you must first reach one of the Elite's Ranks. (National Executive, Continental, Master Executive) The 2% percent comes out of the actual gross sales of every new member first 30 days purchase that joins as a Distributor with the ($299.95) Freedom Pack, Executive Pack ($599.95) or Presidencial Pack ($1,199.95). ALL Bonus Pools are calculated and paid every three months according the USA calendar year. The qualifying rank must be achieved at least 30 days before the calculation of the Bonus Pool.

  6. 10% Global Bonus Pool -- The 10% Global Bonus Pool is calculated only on the autoships and second month purchases (CV) Commissionable volume on the Company. Bonus Shares are prorated and divided according to the Group volume production that has been generated thru the 9 Levels ( Silver Executive thru Regional Executive Rank) & 10 Levels for the National Executives. Every (1,000 CV) Commissionable (volume) is equal to 1 Global Bonus Pool Share. A Independent Distributor must have purchased or upgraded to the Presidential Membership Package & must make a minimun purchase of ($140.00 autoship) every month to participate in the FGV Global Bonus Pool at the Silver Executive Ranking(3%). All the Above Ranks beyond Silver Executive must make a monthly purchase of ($280) minimum.

  7. The Dream Bonus -- All the FGV members may earn up to $28,800 USD per month by creating 12 cycles per week. For every new member that makes an Presidential Pack they accumulate 800 "DBP", for every Executive Package purchase they accumulate 400 "DBP", for every Freedom Package they accumulate 200 "DBP" and for every Family Package 40 "DBP" will be earned. In order to make a cycle members must accumulate 4,800 "DBP" divided in three legs (1600 "DPB" ), and they earn $400 USD or $600 USD. This is a weekly pay and members are not required to have any Mentor Ranks and team sales are allowed. $70 USD of auto ship will allow them to cycle up to 3 times per week (DBP will flush monthly). $140 USD of auto ship will allow them to cycle up to 6 times per week (DBP will not flush). $280 USD of auto ship will allow them to cycle up to 12 times per week (DBP will not flush) . *DBP ( Dream Bonus Points ).

What is the $49.95 Annual Membership?

What are the advantages of the Freedom, Executive and Presidential Business Pack?

How does the Preferred Customer program work?

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