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Using EF-TABS™ is like getting an extra quarter of a tank of gas for free!

With over 30 years of lab and field-tested research and development, the Organometallic Catalyst technology is engineered to ignite and burn fuel more effectively, helping to produce more efficient combustion in your engine. Our EF-TABS™ proprietary Nano crystallized liquid technology contains microscopic quantities of various ionic metals. They are injected into your engine as a vapor, which causes more fuel to burn delivering maximum power, lowering emissions and maximizing fuel economy.

  • Single Pack

    $16.95 (4 tablets)

    • 1 month supply for 1 vehicle
    • 4 Fuel Tanks / Treats up to 98 Gallons of gasoline , diesel, biodiesel or E85
    • Shipping and Handling not included

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  • EF-TABS™ Basic Pack

    $64.95 (16 tablets)

    • 1 month supply for 4 vehicles
    • 16 Fuel Tanks / Treats up to 384 Gallons of gasoline, diesel, biodiesel or E85
    • Shipping and Handling not included

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  • Enroll in the Preferred Customer Program and get even more savings.

    Become a Preferred Customer

    A Preferred Customer is one that is convinced that the EF-TABS™ works and has committed and agreed to a 3 month auto purchase of the EF-TABS™ Basic Pack (16 Tablets). The reason a regular customer chooses to become a Preferred Customer of Future Global Vision is to qualify for specials and extra discount benefits.

    Each month on a set date, our fulfillment center will charge the debit or credit card provided by the Preferred Customer and drop ship the purchased order to their address. The Preferred Customer selects the days that their debit or credit card should be charged.

    Regular price for the EF-TABS™ Basic Pack is $64.95

    New Preferred Customer pricing: EF-TABS™ Basic Pack $50.00 (Shipping and Handling are not included)