EF-PLUS™ ... The Anti-Aging of Your Engine

EF-PLUS™ is a synthetic oil additive that is light years ahead of its' competitors in the market when it comes to engine protection and anti-friction formulas. The proprietary formula designed with micro-molecules that are beyond the technology science is called nano. EF-PLUS™ is formulated with something we like to call "smart molecules". These smart molecules know how to react to any combination of temperature and pressure. When the temperature, friction and pressure is altered up or down, EF-PLUS™ molecules activate a succession of chemical reactions and modify its' behavior according to the present condition and stress. The higher the pressure and the stress, the better it will perform. EF-PLUS™ formula contains 100% organic, mineral anti-friction compounds that never break down. It’s 100% safe for any of the engine components. It does not contain solids, nor will it reformulate the chemical components of your standard motor oil . It will blend perfectly with any of the motor oils (whether synthetic or conventional).

EF-PLUS™ (Engine Fusion Plus) meets and exceeds all DOD, OEM, SAE and ASTM standards. This technology will work in any gasoline or diesel engine. It could also be used in manual transmissions, all types of engines including marine, differentials (rear or front end axles), new or high mileage engines or anywhere friction can create heat and stress.

*Not Recommended for Automatic Transmission or Wet Clutch Applications*

This product is free from Chlorinated Olephins, Teflon, Metals, Zinc, Chlorinated Paraffins, Graphite, Boron, Wax, Solvents or Ester. Blends well with minerals and synthetics lubricants. Safe for Catalytic Converter.

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    • 8 oz EF-PLUS™, treats 5-6 quarts of motor oil
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    $99.95 (2 bottles)

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    • 2 x 8oz EF-PLUS™ bottles, treats 5-6 quarts of motor oil each
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