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The first and only fuel multifunctional fuel enhancer made of Organometallic compounds and Nanotechnology..

The technology found in EF-TONKATM is designed to accelerate and expand the combustion process within the internal chamber, so all the fuel burns without allowing the escape of toxic gases. It is proved that a more complete combustion within the internal chamber increases the efficiency of the engine and reduces fuel consumption. This catalytic process dissolves all the coal deposit which is formed because of unburned fuel within the inner chamber in a certain period of time, improving performance and raising the valve life and other internal engine components 30% to 100% and more, with no negative side effects at all.

Each sachet of EF-TONKATM treats up to 150 gallons. It can be mixed in a barrel of diesel according to gallons for convenience of use. Remember that for optimum performance it is recommended to use a full treatment (8 sachets) for each transport unit.

The EF-TONKATM can be used in all types of machinery that uses fossil fuel such as:

  • Commercial transport
  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Electricity generators

You can get real savings on your next drive. It protects against carbon deposits and also cleans accumulated carbon. EF-TONKATM reduces the peak temperature of the cylinder, whereby the life of the engine increases. Keeps the injectors, valves and the oxygen sensor clean. Our product is 100% safe on all types of machine.

Did you know that Future Global Vision also has a product for gasoline engines called EF-TONKATM? A liquid crystallized tablets. EF-TONKATM will reduce your fuel consumption on your next trip.

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