Is truly a new and unique groundbreaking oil booster. It promotes a superior dimension of metal protection without the harmful chemicals that hurts the machinery. EF-OIL FUSION™ unprecedented technology extends the life of the oil and reduces the engine and its components wear by up to 125% when used regularly with every oil change.


EF-OIL FUSION™ can be applied in many other industries as well:

  • Trucking

  • Forestry

  • Mining

  • Taxi

  • Electric Generators

  • Racing

  • Construction

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Marine

EF-OIL FUSION™ will not change nor reformulate any of the chemical elements of your oil brand when added to your engine. Therefore it will not void the vehicle or machinery manufacture warranty.



EF-OIL FUSION™ is scientifically formulated to interact at a molecular level to create a buffer effect on the metal surface of every moving mechanical component of the engine where oil travels.

EF-OIL FUSION™ meets and exceeds all DOD, OEM, SAE and ASTM standards. EF-OIL FUSION™ works in all types of gasoline and diesel engine (new or high mileage). It can be used in manual transmissions, engines (gasoline & diesel), differentials (rear or front axles) or anywhere friction, heat and stress is created in the machinery. The use of this product will not void your vehicle manufacture warranty.

EF-OIL FUSION™ usages for vehicles:

Add one 8oz bottle of EF-OIL FUSION™ for every 4-6 quarts of motor oil (synthetic or non synthetic formula). This mixture is optimal for most of the small to medium size vehicles (4 cylinders to 6 cylinders engines) (domestic or imported). For 8 cylinder engines it is recommended to add two 8oz bottles of EF-OIL FUSION™.


Important instructions for vehicles:

EF-OIL FUSION™ is added into the motor oil chamber of the engine.
When changing the oil of your vehicle, pour 8 oz. less of the motor oil and replace the missing portion of the motor oil with 8 oz. of EF-OIL FUSION™ oil booster. If your vehicle has an 8 cylinder engine, then pour 16 oz. less of the motor oil and replace the missing portion with 16 oz. of EF-OIL FUSION™ oil booster.


EF-OIL FUSION™ usages for semi-trucks:

Add one gallon of EF-OIL FUSION to 10-15 gallons of motor oil (synthetic or traditional). This mixture is optimal for most semi trucks (eighteen wheelers) domestic or imported vehicles.

Important instructions for semi-trucks:

When changing the oil of a semi-truck, pour 1 gallon less of the motor oil and replace with 1 gallon of the EF-OIL FUSION™ oil booster.


Basic Package


2 - 8oz Bottles

Retail Price.

Shipping, handling & taxes not included.

Premium Package


1 Gallon 128oz

Retail Price with 25% bulk price discount applied.

Shipping, handling & taxes not included.

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