Is a super additive and catalyst (3x) triple power of crystallized liquid for fuel, made with nanotechnology based on organo-metallic components, unique in the market, designed in a simple tablet and easy to apply. Our product covers all requirements and is 100% safe on all types of vehicles and internal combustion engines and does not invalidate your vehicle's factory warranty




Decrease fuel consumption


Increase in HP


Increase octane


Keeps injectors, valves and oxygen sensor clean


Removes carbon deposits


Reduce the smog emissions: Nox, co & HC (60-85%)

How Does it work?

During the stroke stage a portion of the fuel escapes thru the exhaust valve. This unburned fuel transforms itself into toxic gases that contaminate the air in the environment

EF-TABS® will condition the combustion chamber witha micro catalytic coating that will appear once the conditioning period of the engine is completed; 2 to3 full tanks. Once this catalytic coating is developed, it provides the benefits. First and foremost, it makes the fuel burn faster in the combustion stoke. A second benefit of this micro combustion catalyst coating is that it prevents carbon and ash deposits from accumulating on the piston-head, reducing the octane appetite of the engine

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Why should you use the EF-TABS®?

EF-TABS® Green Fuel Technology is manufactured by Future Global Vision Inc.; a green fuel technology networkdistribution company, headquartered in Nevada, USA. We are 100% committed to making a positive contribution to our families, neighbors and planet for generations to come through our green fuel technology, the EF-TABS®. Starting today, thanks to science, we will be able to keep our promises. We can practically convert almost any automobile in America from a smog emitting monster to a green, energy burning machine with the EF-TABS®. Together, we can make the difference for our children's children while saving money on our fuel cost every month.